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Level 1

 Level 1 Features:

  • Intro to 6 VR Headsets
  • Unlimited views and lifetime course updates
  • Over 100 lessons
  • Introduction to Unity 3D and C# programming
  • Beginner Level Certificate of Completion

Buy Now $99
Over 100 lessons! 


Level 2 Intermediate

All Level 1 Features, Plus:

  • 3 Bonus VR project lessons
  • Bonus Augmented Reality Module (ARKit)
  • Over 170 lessons
  • Access to our private community of over 5000 professionals in VR/AR
  • Intermediate Level Certificate of Completion
Buy Now $199
Over 170 lessons!


Level 3

All Level 2 Features, Plus:

  • Bonus Microsoft Hololens module
  • Bonus UI/UX design module
  • Over 200 lessons
  • Access to a private 1-on-1 lesson from Circuit Stream's team of instructors
  • Advanced Level Certificate of completion
Coming Soon

Start at Level 1 and receive a $100 credit as you advance to Level 2 and Level 3

We start super simple:

Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

No prior experience of Unity or coding required.

Circuit Stream welcomes the complete beginner. We'll teach you the industry's best VR and AR design and development principles.

Our courses start with specific skills and all lessons are project based.

This means you'll immediately begin learning the tools and technologies used by professionals working in VR and AR.

You won't spend hours learning knowledge that doesn't apply.

Instead, you'll find instructors that explain concepts clearly with examples and additional resources.

If you want to:

Learn from experts in VR and AR.

Gain the skills to quickly and confidently create your own applications using the industry's leading tools.

Strategically move into a career in the VR/AR field.

Circuit Stream will be the best VR and AR course for you.

Dive in now to learn the skills in Unity you need to create VR and AR!


You'll Learn

  • How to make some of the industry's best VR apps
  • How to create AR games in Unity
  • Core concepts in Unity and how to gain confidence in C#, even with no prior experience
  • How the VR and AR design and development workflow is used in practice
  • Excellent general knowledge of creating VR/AR apps

Course Curriculum

Learn on any VR headset or AR device.

The course includes over 25 dedicated virtual reality and augmented reality training modules.

Introduction to the Make VR and AR Apps Course
Understand what Unity is used for and how to get started.

Unity VR and AR Essential Training
Setup your VR headset or AR device. Tutorials broken down step-by-step.

Virtual Reality for Beginners 
Learn the full VR development workflow for making VR apps in Unity.

Augmented Reality for Beginners
Learn how to create AR applications, games, and content.

Samsung GearVR and Google VR Setup
Setup your mobile VR environment in Unity for Android.

Windows Mixed Reality Setup
Setup Windows MR in Unity. MR headset and controller tutorials.

HTC Vive Setup and SteamVR
Setting up HTC Vive and Steam VR in Unity.

Oculus Setup

Setup Oculus developer tools in Unity.

ARKit (iOS)
How to setup ARKit
for iPhone (iOS).

VR and AR Development in Unity
Learn the industry's leading tool for 3D applications, games, and content.

Create a Google VR / GearVR 360 video app
Create a Youtube VR app and 360 video player in Unity.

How to make a virtual shop in Windows MR
Learn how to make a VR shop for commerce, retail, and marketing.

How to Create VR Apps for the HTC Vive
How to make a VR application like Tilt Brush for the HTC Vive.

How to Make a VR Game for Oculus
Build some of the best VR games like Superhot and Job Simulator.

Create an Augmented Reality ARKit Game
Make AR games with ARKit or ARCore for iPhone (iOS) or Android.

VR and AR Design and Development Pipeline
The VR and AR design process. Learning a development mindset.

Learn C# Virtual Reality Programming
Learn C# for Unity and object oriented programming.

Introduction to Coding Logic and Strategies
How to think about programming for VR and break problems down.

 Microsoft Hololens Setup
Setup Microsoft Hololens for AR development in Unity.

Create a Hololens Training App
Make an AR app for real eastate, architecture, or construction.

How to Create Mobile VR Games
Create some of the best virtual reality apps for kids!

Augmented Reality in Education
Create a medical training AR app using ARKit on iPhone (iOS).

Virtual Reality UI/UX Design
VR classes and tutorials on how to design a 3D interface and UI.

Make a Minority Report VR Menu
VR UI/UX design and Unity animation module.


No Previous Experience Required

Use your iPhone, Android, or any VR and AR technology.

  • We start with the fundamentals
  • Use the free version of Unity, the world's largest application creation tool powering over 770 million devices
  • Mac or Windows
  • Laptop or desktop computer


"Circuit Stream made it so easy to learn compared to other online courses. It changed the way I think about Unity."

Brenda Cordova
Marketing Professional
"My goal is to grow my company. The course taught me the basics that were needed for me to move forward."

Olivier Leroux
Founder, Impact VR

"With Circuit Stream we developed an Oculus app
to train our airport staff on new procedures."

Pascal Poudenx
Manager, Vantage Airport Group

Even if you're a complete beginner, this course will teach you the skills in Unity to create VR and AR applications.
Buy Now - $99
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